web scraping projects

skills used:

  • python
    • beautifulsoup
    • selenium
    • pandas
    • numpy
    • django
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
    • react framework
    • chartjs
  • sql
  • proxy networking


view project code | view project on devpost jobstats homepage dashboard USJobStats.com or “unemployer” was a hackathon project submission created by me and posted to devpost. It was my first foray into using react, a javascript framework for building web applications. In two days I was able to create a basic website which pulled live employment data from the BLS.gov website REST API. I thought it would be useful for people during the pandemic.

chegg scraper

view project code Chegg is a site filled with answers to difficult textbook problems. You have to pay monthly in order to access the databank. Being a poor student, it was very irritating to have to pay every month to view solutions and check my work. Having to commute a great deal, I often had to rely on chegg for timely answers to my questions. I paid for one month, then built a bot to run through every question for each category and copy the answers to a simple sqlite database. After that I could easily query and search for the questions and answers that I wanted, whenever I wanted. I also started to build a django website for anyone to query the solutions. The code is now available for anyone to use on github.