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Startup Venture Builder Safelogger Pitch

My name is Navrit Bal and I’m the CEO of FreightLogger and I’m here to tell you that every single person in this room is at risk of developing lung cancer.

Yes, really.

I know you might not believe it, it couldn’t be you, your parents, or your kids, but believe that about 14 percent of all lung cancer cases in any country are caused by an invisible, radioactive gas called Radon. It can be in any home, any building, and you would never know until it’s too late.

At FreightLogger, we believe that we’ve developed the most advanced, compact, cost effective form of Radon and multiple hazard detection system on the market today, and it’s called SafeLogger.

What is SafeLogger you might ask? Take a look.

Navrit: [holds out prototype]

SafeLogger is a simple and affordable capsule you place inside your home, office, or anywhere you want to make sure the air you breath is keeping you healthy.

The technology it uses to detect radon gas was developed by CERN, the guy’s who created a little thing called the Large Hadron Collider, look it up.

It also detects hazards like… [Navrit: count on fingers theatrically] carbon monoxide, methane, humidity, temperature, pollen, air pressure, smoke, and carbon dioxide. Speaking of which, did you know at concentrations often found in homes and schools and office buildings, carbon dioxide levels can negatively impact productivity?

SafeLogger is easy to use, and connects directly to your phone via an intuitive app that doesn’t suck.

SafeLogger can be linked together to cover huuuge areas in offices, mines, warehouses, boats, and can even be placed on people.

SafeLogger has optional LTE wireless connectivity, connecting to the phone network to beam your air quality wherever you want in real time.

We also offer customized solutions for any need, SafeLogger can be expanded to any hazard monitoring scenario.

Ladies and gentlemen, in fact we have have secured two early adopters of our technology. Monitoring the quality of flower shipments, and the status of human research tissue in time sensitive packages!